Advantix Extra Large Dog - Over 25kg (Blue) - 6 pack

Advantix Extra Large Dog - Over 25kg (Blue) - 6 pack

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Product Description

ADVANTIX® is a 'spot-on' application which treats and prevents flea infestation, and kills and repels ticks, biting lice, mosquitos, and sandflies.

Fleas, eggs and larvae:

  • Rapid action: Starts killing fleas and larvae immediately upon application.
  • Effective control: Acts against flea stages in the environment around ADVANTIX® protected pets.
  • Long-lasting: Kills re-infestations of new adult fleas for up to one month after treatment.

Ticks, biting lice, sandflies and mosquitos:

  • Kills and repels brown dog ticks (up to 4 weeks) and paralysis ticks (up to 2 weeks).
  • Combine with daily tick searching of your pet to dramatically reduce the risk of tick paralysis.
  • Repels and kills mosquitos, sandflies, and lice for up to 6 weeks.

ADVANTIX® is for Puppies over 7 weeks old and Dogs. Please use the correct size product for your pet. For use only as per label directions.


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