How does Comfortis for Dogs work?

How does Comfortis for Dogs work?
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Summary: Information on the mode of action of Comfortis, and why it is the safe and effective choice for your dog.

How exactly does Comfortis work? What ingredients are in Comfortis? Is Comfortis safe for my dog? These are all valid questions that responsible pet owners seek to answer before giving a new product to their best friend.

What Active Ingredient is in Comfortis?

Comfortis contains the active ingredient spinosad. Spinosad is an insecticide with a long history of safe use in agriculture, and is regarded as an environmental and animal friendly option for the control of insect pests. Elanco have revolutionized flea control by adapting spinosad for use as an active ingredient in a companion animal product.

Mode of Action

Spinosad works on the nervous system of the flea by targeting the nerve cells themselves, essentially turning these cells to always ON. Fleas exposed to spinosad show involuntary muscle contractions and tremors resulting from this nerve activation, which inevitably leads to prostration, paralysis and flea death.

Spinosad targets the nervous system of fleas, resulting in initial hyperexcitation, tremors, and an inability to feed, followed quickly by paralysis and flea death.

The safety profile of Comfortis results from the differences between insect and mammal physiology. Mammals (e.g. dogs) do not have any receptors similar to the flea nerve receptors, which means that the insecticide does not have any effect on the dog's nervous system.

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