Cosequin Equine Powder 700g

Cosequin Equine Powder 700g

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Cosequin Equine Powder provides all the raw materials that your horse needs to maintain synovial (joint) fluid and cartilage health. Cosequine is a safe nutriceutical supplement and will not damage cartilage like NSAID medication.

Cosequin is a patented combination of chondroitin, glucosamines and manganese, which work synergistically to help maintain joint health in your horse.

700g tub.

Dosage & Administration

Cosequin can be easily administered by mixing with feed. We recommended dampening feed slightly to allow Coqeuin to stick to the feed. Cosequin can also be dosed orally via syringe by mixing in a small amount of water or molasses.

Initial Administration

Initial Dosage:
Average Horse: 3 level scoops twice daily.
Horses over 545kg: 4 level scoops twice daily.

Transition Period:

Lower dose only after horse has begun to respond. After response is achieved, reduce the total daily dosage by one level scoop per week. Always watch the movement and attitude of the horse to ensure that comfort is maintained after each transition to maintenance level.

Maintenance Dosage

Average Horse: 1 level scoops twice daily.
Horses over 545kg: 2 level scoops twice daily.

Three days prior to heavy work or competition increase daily dosage to initial dose level. Continue this until three days after competition then return to regular maintenance dose.

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