Feliway Behaviour Control

Feliway Behaviour Control

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Product Description

Feliway safely and effectively reduces stress and anxiety in cats. It can be helpful in the treatment of stress, which often results in urine marking, scratching, inappetance (loss of appetite), and/or a reduced desire to play.

Stressful situations can occur when moving house, vet visits, going on holiday, and introducing new animals to the home.

Feliway Pack Sizes

Feliway is available in several different packs, as follows:

  1. Diffuser Kit: Includes 1x diffuser (plug in device) + one vial of feliway solution.
  2. Refill only: 1x 48ml refill.
  3. Pump Spray 60ml.

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Pump Spray cannot be shipped by Priority or Air Cargo.

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