Greenies for Dogs Treat Pack 340g

Greenies for Dogs Treat Pack 340g

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Product Description

Greenies for Dogs remove dental plaque and tartar buildup and freshens your dog's breath at the same time. Improve your dog's dental health and breath in less than two weeks!

Ingredients: wheat, natural flavours, unique teeth cleaning ingredients and chlorophyll, which gives Greenies their green colour.

Directions for Use

Feed 1-2 Greenies daily to maintain optimum dental health.

Product Information

Choosing the Correct Size Greenie

Choosing the right Greenie size is important. If they are too small they will not clean the teeth properly, but too large and they may add unneeded calories to your pet's diet. Use the following as a guide:

Teenie: dogs 2-7kg
Petite: dogs 7-11kg
Regular: dogs 11-22kg
Large: dogs 22-45kg
Jumbo: dogs over 45kg

Greenie Pack Size

Each treat pack contains 340g of Greenies. As the Greenies are different sizes for different sizes of dogs, the number of Greenies in each pack is reflected accordingly.

Teenie Treat Pack: 43 Teenie Greenies
Petite Treat Pack: 20 Petite Greenies
Regular Treat Pack: 12 Regular Greenies
Large Treat Pack: 8 Large Greenies
Jumbo Treat Pack: 4 Jumbo Greenies

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