Megaderm Supplement

Megaderm Supplement

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MEGADERM® Supplement is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats which provides essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat. MEGADERM® may be recommended by your vet as:

  • Support for dogs and cats with skin allergies and keratinisation disorders.
  • An adjunct in the treatment of chronic pruritius, seborrhoea and allergies (eg. FAD and atopy)
  • Useful in cases of canine atopic dermatitis to assist in minimising the dose of some medications.
  • Ideal for improving the luster and smoothness of a healthy pet's coat.

DOSAGE: Dogs 0-10kg : 1 x 4ml sachet once daily; Dogs 10-20kg : 1 x 8ml sachet once daily; Dogs Over 20kg : 2 x 8ml sachets once daily

Available as packets of 28x4ml and 28x8ml sachets, as well as 250ml and 1L multidose bottles.

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