Nuheart Soluble Heartworm Tablets Large Dog 23-45kg (Red) 6 pack

Nuheart Soluble Heartworm Tablets Large Dog 23-45kg (Red) 6 pack

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Product Description

Nuheart Soluble Heartworm Tablets are an easy and affordable way of protecting your dog from deadly heartworm disease.

Benefits of Nuheart Soluble Heartworm Tablets

The unique design of Nuheart tablets makes monthly heartworm prevention easy in three ways:

  • Small size: Nuheart's small size makes it easy to administer and minimises the chance of rejection.
  • Beef-flavoured: The tasty, meaty flavour of Nuheart turns tablet time into treat time!
  • Water-soluble: For dogs who don't like tablet time, simply dissolve Nuheart in a small amount of water and give in your pet's food. Problem solved!

Directions for Use

Give 1 tablet monthly for dogs in indicated weight range. For dogs who don't like tablets or chews, simply dissolve the tablet in a small amount of water and add to your pet's food. Ensure all food is consumed.


Nuheart is a Heartgard equivalent i.e. the active ingredient is Ivermectin. If your dog is not currently on heartorm prevention, please consult your veterinarian prior to use. Use only as per label directions.

Other information

Nuheart is manufactured by Pharmachem. It's 100% Australian made and owned.

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