Rose-Hip Vital Canine

Rose-Hip Vital Canine contains 100% natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant active ingredients proven to help improve the joint health and general well-being of active and senior dogs.

Rose-Hip Vital is made from 100% pure and natural Rosehip fruit with no additives, and contains a special patented compound which is activated during the drying process. Rosehip is also one of nature's most natural sources of Vitamin C.

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Rose-Hip Vital Canine 150g
Rose-Hip Vital Canine 150g

Market price: $49.95
Our price: $39.50
  save 21%incl GST
Rose-Hip Vital Canine 500g
Rose-Hip Vital Canine 500g

Market price: $129.95
Our price: $93.50
  save 28%incl GST
Rose-Hip Vital Canine 1kg (2x500g)
Rose-Hip Vital Canine 1kg (2x500g)

Market price: $259.90
Our price: $183.70
  save 29%incl GST
Rose-Hip Vital Capsules 250s
Rose-Hip Vital Capsules 250s

Our price: $34.65
incl GST

Rose-Hip Vital Canine Joint Supplement FAQs

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rose-Hip Vital Canine for Dogs. If you have a different question concerning this product, please contact us.

What is Rose-Hip Vital Canine?

Rose-Hip Vital Canine is a 100% natural and rich source of Vitamin C. The powerful anti-oxidant action of Rose-Hip Vital Canine has been clinically proven to be of benefit in improving the joint health and well-being of senior and active dogs. It can also boost your dog's immune system.

What are the active ingredients in Rose-Hip Vital Canine?

This product contains pure and natural Rosehips (Rosa Canina) - a rich and natural source of Vitamin C. Natural Vitamin C is absorbed in the body more efficiently than synthetic vitamins. A special, patented drying process activates the anti-inflammatory actions of the ingredients.

How do I give it to my dog?

Simply mix the correct amount of Rose-Hip vital Canine into your dog's food.

When should I see an improvement in my dog?

Improvement in a majority of dogs is generally seen after 3 weeks of taking Rose-Hip Vital Canine.

My dog has a sensitive stomach and/or skin. Is this product appropriate?

Rose-Hip Vital Canine is a non-allergenic product, and does NOT contain yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, lactose, or nuts, and is GMO free. Furthermore, it is entirely plant-based and does NOT contain and animal sourced ingredients i.e. shellfish.

Are there any known side effects?

There are no known side effects and Rose-Hip Vital Canine is generally well tolerated by all dogs.

Can this product be used with other medications?

Yes. Rose-Hip vital Canine does not interfere with any prescription drugs or other supplements, and can be given with other arthritis and joint supplements. We recommend that you always consult with your primary care veterinarian before starting your pet on any supplementation or dietary programme.

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