SeaFlex for Dogs Review

SeaFlex for Dogs Review
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Summary: Our review of SeaFlex for Dogs. What's in it, how do you use it, when should you use it? Is it right for your pet? Find out more...

Our Review of SeaFlex Joint Supplement for Dogs

Seaflex for Dogs is a nutritional supplement for active and senior dogs which comes as a tasty, chewable stick.

What's in it?

SeaFlex is made in Australia from Australian chicken - great news for those pet owners worried about imported pet food and treats. Active ingredients include Atlantic kelp, Flax seed (a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids), and a variety of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. SeaFlex's patented active ingredients are proven to improve joint, skin and coat health.

For a more detailed list of ingredients, please refer to the product information.

How do you use it?

Dosing could not be easier: simply give one chewable stick per 30kg bodyweight daily. If you have a smaller or larger dog adjust this dosing accordingly. It comes in a chewable, treat-like format which means that you can 'reward' your pet with better health!

When should you use it?

SeaFlex is designed for active and senior dogs. It helps supplement their diet to ensure that they are getting everything they need to maintain vitality, healthy joint function, tendons, skin and coat condition.

Is it right for your pet?

The main advantage to SeaFlex is it's treat-like, chewable format - it's a real alternative to giving treats which may not have any real nutritional value (or may even be fattening!). If you are looking for something which allows you to treat your pet and improve their joint, skin and overall health we would recommend that you give SeaFlex a try.

Have you tried SeaFlex for Dogs? We'd love to hear about your experiences with this product. You are welcome to leave a comment below.


Important: The information provided in this article is for general information only and is subject to change. Always verify the accuracy of the above first with your primary care veterinarian or in the case of a product, by reading packet and prescribing information before administering it to your pet. The specific needs and circumstances of your pet have not been taken into account. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information.

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Comments on SeaFlex for Dogs Review

Nick B 25-05-2014 21:12:32
My 7 year old has luxating patella & has been taking a third of one daily for 2 years ( on veterinarians advise) pain or stiffness at all. Highly recommend.
Libby Horth 14-06-2013 22:02:48
I have a 4 year old staff/boxer cross - the most prone to crucial ligament injuries - she has been on Seaflex to help with her stiff joints, and 6 weeks after her knee replacement, the Dr was impressed how her healing was way ahead of schedule.
Sophie 07-03-2013 00:21:52
We have been giving Seaflex to our 12.5 year old labrador for about 3 months now, mainly to help with his joints. We have noticed that he is looking incredibly healthy, with a super shiny coat and is very springy/energetic (sometimes worryingly so!). We were given these as a gift from our cousins who had given them to their 14 and 15 year old dogs before they passed away and had thought they were great.

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