Security Updates - Spam Emails

Security Updates - Spam Emails
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Summary: Text of some of the spam emails received. These are NOT sent by us and are a scam using the good name of our vet and company in an attempt to defraud.

If you have received any of the following spam emails, please forward them to us at and delete them. Further information regarding these and also security tips can be found at

Spam (Fraudulent) Emails

The following emails were not sent by us and are fraudulent:


This is Chris Wilson from Aussie Pet Direct, you have recently made an order on our website. We are recruiting a few people, from our customers for a payment processing team in Australia. The average income is around $1500 per month. Drop me a line if you're interested and available 1 - 2 hours per day.


Dr Chris Wilson BVSc GradCertPopH

Registered ABN: 32 112 074 290
PO Box 7293, BRENDALE QLD 4500

If you reply to the above email, you may receive the following:


Digi-HD is a German electronics retailer I am part of their payments processing team, for the Australian orders that are paid by bank transfer. It is not very complicated actually. We are processing only the orders made by customers from Australia and NZ who are making their payments by local bank wire. First I am notified when they receive a new order (the amount and date of the payment, customer name, etc). and then the customer makes the payment to my account. After I receive the payment, I have to confirm the receipt so Digi-HD can proceed to shipping. I keep 7.5% of the amount received (my commission) and then I send the amount due to Digi-HD. After that I inform them that the payment has been processed successfully. Of course, you will keep the entire commission for the orders that you will process. We only handle the processing of the payments. The orders are processed by Digi-HD directly, they handle the advertising, shipping, technical support, etc.

This is just a brief description of the job, so you can decide if you would be capable of doing it. There are two positions available, so if you think you can handle it I can put you in touch with Peter Schneider - the manager, for more details.


Dear Madam,

Our partner in Australia has submited a request to forward you the terms and conditions for the available position. At the moment we are working with three processors in Australia, and we will extend our processing team with two new members by the end of 2011.

At the beginning, we will assign you an average of three orders weekly, for processing. We will send you notification emails before receiving a payment. After each payment is received you will send us a confirmation by email with the sender's name, and exact amount received thus we can validate the order. You will retain your income directly from the payments received and then send us the amount due.

Your income will be in between 5.5% and 7.5% of the total amounts received and processed, depending on your availability schedule and the processing duration - (5.5% for next day processing and 7.5% for same day processing)

We have a separate department for customer assistance and support, therefore we do not require that you have special technical training.

If you consider that you can handle the job requirements in a timely manner, let me know a little about yourself (Name, Address, Phone number, Age, Work Experience).

Herr Peter Schneider

General Manager
Digi-HD AG
Kaarster Strasse 150
41462 Neuss
Tel: +49 21 3154-9309

Hi, I was wondering if you are still interested in working for Digi-HD? It's not a problem if you don't want to, just let me know as I have promised Peter that I will recommend a few people by next week. I would like to know eitherway, so I can ask somebody else if you are not interested..



Important: The information provided in this article is for general information only and is subject to change. Always verify the accuracy of the above first with your primary care veterinarian or in the case of a product, by reading packet and prescribing information before administering it to your pet. The specific needs and circumstances of your pet have not been taken into account. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information.

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