Shark Net Joint Powder Concentrate for Horses

Shark Net Joint Powder Concentrate for Horses

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Shark Net Joint Powder Concentrate for Horses is an effective and cost-effective concentrated blend of Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamines, MSM, ascorbic acid and manganese. Shark Net Joint Powder for Horses helps your horse maintain optimum joint health during periods of competition, training, and recovery.

Using Shark Net Joint Powder Concentrate

Dose rate of 80mg/kg body weight. For an average 500kg horse the initial dose rate is 20g (1 large scoop) mixed in feed twice daily for 25 days or until improvement in condition is noted.

Maintenance dose of 32mg/kg can then be followed, which equates to 8g (2 small scoops) twice daily for a 500kg horse. Maintenance dose delivers 4000mg Glucosamine, 1600mg Chondroitine and 6400mg MSM daily.

Prior to and during competition or physical stress and training, or as required depending on severity of symptoms or condition, use large dose rate.

Testimonials from Shark Net users:

This product has been rapidly building followers through word of mouth about its efficacy and cost effectiveness. The following are just some of the testimonials provided on the Shark Net Joint Powder Concentrate website:

"As trainers we have many responsibilities. One is to the horses, to give them the best possible care available. Another is to our owners, to get the maximum potential out of their horses in a cost effective way. I have no time for gimmicks or fads, I use systems and products that I know work and give the best possible results. Freedman Brothers Racing has used the Shark Net formula on all our best horses since 2005, both as a preventative and treatment. It delivers quality joint care that gives me the results I demand without having to resort to risky medications." Lee Freedman, Freedman Brothers Racing
"Shark Net has the advantage of incorporating an adequate level of high quality Chondroitin and Glucosamine with MSM, coupled with its universal palatability, and cost-effectiveness. My experience over the last three years leaves me no doubt that, given prophylactically, horses joints last longer on this product than without it." Dr John Walker BVSc, Performance Equine Veterinarian

Other Information

Tub size: 1kg, 2kg or 5kg. APVMA Approval number 62643.

Expiry: 06/2015.

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