Valuheart Plus Canine Allwormer Pack for Medium Dogs 10-20kg

Valuheart Plus Canine Allwormer Pack for Medium Dogs 10-20kg

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Valuheart plus Canine Allwormer Pack for Medium Dogs provides 6 months of complete heartworm and intestinal worm protection for dogs 10-20kg at an unbelievable price!.

This pack contains:

  1. Valuheart Heartworm Tablets for Medium Dogs 10-20kg (Green) 6 pack
  2. Canine Allwormer 10kg Tablets 4 pack (2 pack x2)

These are quality generic products, which provide the same protection as a Heartgard and Drontal combination at a fraction of the price.

About Valuheart

Valuheart contains Ivermectin (same as Heartgard). Give 1 Valuheart Heartworm Tablet to dogs between 10-20kg in bodyweight. Dose monthly.

About Canine Allwormer

Canine Allwormer contains Oxantel, Pyrantel and Praziquantel to protect against hookworm, roundworm, whipworm and tapeworm.

Give 1 Canine All Worming tablet per 10kg of bodyweight. Dogs over 6 months of age must be dosed with the intestinal wormer every 3 months (every 6 weeks for Hydatid tapeworm) unless otherwise advised by your veterinarian.

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