Worm Out Gel for Birds

Worm Out Gel for Birds

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Product Description

Worm Out Gel by Vetafarm is the safe, effective broad-spectrum worming for birds. Treat threadworm, tapeworm, roundworm, caecal worm and hookworm easily. Available in 100ml and 1L aviary pack.

Worm Out Gel contains the active ingredients Oxfendazole and Praziquantel, which give safe and effective worming.

Directions for Use

All Aviary Birds - add 1mL to 80mL of water. Supply in water for 2 days. Remove other sources of water during treatment. Aviaries should be treated at least four times a year. With-holding period of 10 days after treatment for eggs and meat.

Treatment by Crop Needle: Mix 1 mL of Gel with 9 mL of water - mix. Administer 0.5 mL per 100 grams body weight. Repeat every 3 months.

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