Wound Gard Antiseptic and Bitterant Spray 50ml

Wound Gard Antiseptic and Bitterant Spray 50ml

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Product Description

Wound-Gard is an antiseptic and bittering agent. The bitter taste deters dissuade dogs and cats from self-traumatising wounds, sutures and dressings through licking.

Directions for Use

Apply liberally to the affected area 3 times daily or as directed by a veterinarian. A guide to usage is 2 to 4 pumps per 2cm length of wound. Shake the bottle before use.

Other Information

Each ml contains: chlorhexidine gluconate 10g, phenoxyethanol 20ml, menthol 5g, dentonium benzoate 200mg, eucalyptus oil 10ml.

Available as 50ml pump spray bottle.

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